2023 NABTEB GCE Advanced Office Management Answers – Nov/Dec

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Office organization is the structured arrangement of people, resources, and tasks within an office environment to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the accomplishment of organizational objectives.
Four basic principles of office management:


(i) Division of Work: When employees are specialized, output can increase because they become increasingly skilled and efficient.
(ii) Authority: Managers must have the authority to give orders, but they must also keep in mind that with authority comes responsibility.
(iii) Discipline: Discipline must be upheld in organizations, but methods for doing so can vary.
(iv) Unity of Command: Employees should have only one direct supervisor.
(v) Unity of Direction: Teams with the same objective should be working under the direction of one manager, using one plan. This will ensure that action is properly coordinated.
(vi) Subordination of Individual Interests to the General Interest


(i) Financial Incentives
(ii) Recognition and Rewards
(iii) Training and Development Opportunities
(iv) Employee Empowerment.


(i) Advertising
(ii) Internal Promotion
(iii) Recruitment Agencies
(iv) Employee Referrals


(i) To satisfy basic needs
(ii) To improve living standards
(iii) To pursue profit
(iv) To gain employment
(v) To contribute to economic growth and development.


(i) Availability of Raw Materials
(ii) Labor Supply
(iii) Transportation Access
(iv) Market Proximity.


(i) Money order
(ii) Standing order
(iii) Promissory note
(iv) Bank draft
(vi) Bill of exchange


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(i) It serves as a tool for decision Making
(ii) It is used for performance evaluation,
(iii) It helps in market research
(iv) It aids in financial analysis.


(i) Surveys and Questionnaires
(ii) Interviews
(iii) Observations
(iv) Experiments.


(i) It helps in presenting data clearly
(ii) It helps in comparing trends
(iii) It aids in analyzing information
(iv) Charts are effective tools for communicating data in presentations

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