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NABTEB 2024 Islamic Religious Studies Answers


*_PART I_*

Deborah’s emergence as a leader in Israel was a result of her exceptional spiritual gifts, personal qualities, and divine appointment. As a prophetess, she was attuned to God’s voice, receiving guidance and wisdom that resonated with her people. Her faith, obedience, and willingness to act on God’s instructions, even in the face of challenge and uncertainty, demonstrated her surrender to His will. This surrender led to a remarkable victory over the Canaanites, solidifying her position as a trusted leader and judge in Israel. Her leadership, marked by wisdom, courage, and discernment, brought a season of peace and prosperity to the nation, leaving a lasting legacy in the annals of Israel’s history.

(i) Faith: She trusted God’s guidance and obeyed His commands.
(ii) Wisdom: She provided wise counsel and judgment to her people.
(iii) Courage: She stood strong in the face of opposition and led Israel to victory.
(iv) Vision: She saw beyond the present moment, foreseeing God’s plans for Israel.
(v) Empowerment: She recognized and empowered others, like Barak, to achieve God’s purposes.

(i) Seeking wisdom from God
(ii) Demonstrating fair judgment
(iii) Organizing his kingdom efficiently
(iv) Building a magnificent Temple

(i) Marrying multiple foreign women
(ii) Imposing heavy taxes on his people
(iii) Allowing pagan worship in Israel
(iv) Ignoring divine warnings

Foreign women played a crucial role in Solomon’s downfall. His marriages to these women led to his adoption of their pagan beliefs and practices, causing him to stray from his faith in God. This led to God’s displeasure and ultimately, the division of the kingdom after Solomon’s death. The influence of these foreign women diverted Solomon’s attention away from his devotion to God, resulting in his downfall.


In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prayed with deep anguish and distress, anticipating the betrayal and arrest that would lead to his crucifixion. He had taken his closest disciples, Peter, John, and James, to the garden, asking them to stay awake and pray with him. However, despite his urgent request, they failed to remain vigilant, overcome by fatigue and falling into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus’ twelve apostles, arrived in the garden, leading a group of Roman soldiers and temple guards. Judas had previously conspired with the chief priests and elders to betray Jesus, and he now identified his Master with a kiss, a gesture of friendship and loyalty that was actually a sign of treachery.

The soldiers then moved to arrest Jesus, binding him with chains and taking him into custody. The disciples, realizing what was happening, fled in fear, abandoning Jesus in his darkest hour. This poignant scene marks the beginning of Jesus’ passion, a journey of suffering, humiliation, and ultimately, redemption.

(i) Destruction of reputation: False accusations can damage a person’s reputation and credibility, leading to social ostracism and loss of trust.
(ii) Legal consequences: False accusations can lead to wrongful convictions, imprisonment, and even capital punishment.
(iii) Emotional trauma: False accusations can cause significant emotional distress, anxiety, and depression for the accused, their loved ones, and even the accuser themselves.

Constitution refers to the physical and mental makeup of an individual, encompassing their overall health, well-being, and resilience.

(i) Genetics
(ii) Environment
(iii) Lifestyle choices
(iv) Upbringing and nutrition

In Jerusalem, Jesus encountered a man who had been blind from birth. His disciples wondered if the blindness was a result of the man’s own sin or that of his parents. Jesus replied that neither was the case, but rather the blindness was an opportunity for God’s power to be displayed.

Jesus then spat on the ground, mixed his saliva with dust, and applied the mud to the man’s eyes. He instructed the man to wash in the Pool of Siloam. The man obeyed, and as he washed, his blindness was replaced with sight.

The man’s newfound vision was not only physical but also spiritual, as he came to recognize Jesus’ divine authority. He began to see the world in a new light, and his life was forever changed.

However, the Pharisees, who were skeptical of Jesus’ power, investigated the miracle. They questioned the man and his parents, seeking to discredit Jesus’ authority. But the man’s testimony remained steadfast, and he boldly declared his newfound sight and faith in Jesus.


Family refers to a group of individuals related by blood, marriage, or adoption, who share a common bond, heritage, and emotional connection.

(i) Biological family: Related by blood, adoption, or marriage.
(ii) Spiritual family: United by shared beliefs, values, and faith (e.g., the Church as the family of God).

(i) Effective communication
(ii) Quality time
(iii) Mutual respect
(iv) Forgiveness and understanding
(v) Shared values and goals

Persecution is persistent and systemic harassment, oppression, or violence, often because of one’s faith, beliefs, or identity.

(i) Strengthening of faith
(ii) Empathy and unity among believers
(iii) Spiritual growth and maturity
(iv) Eternal reward and glory

James’ teachings on prayer emphasize its transformative power and effectiveness, but also its conditional nature, requiring genuine faith and pure intentions. He stresses the importance of trusting and faithful prayer, pure and selfless motivations, and persistent and patient prayer. James highlights prayer’s role in times of hardship, healing, and guidance, encouraging believers to approach God with confidence and trust in His goodness and sovereignty. According to James, prayer should be a sincere and humble dialogue with God, free from doubt and selfish desires, and aligned with God’s sovereign will.


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